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SANMACS is a leading scientific academia, which brilliantly grooms the students aspiring for the admission to coveted degrees, in today's cutthroat world of academic competitions.

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30+ years of experience in Teaching (since 1990s)
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Taught over 50K+ students
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Our chief objective is to offer every Entrance Examination Examinee - a time-bound, result-oriented brilliant and exhaustive course taught and guided by the best of individual subject-experts. Needless to say that each one of them stands doubtlessly matchless great doyens in their respective fields. They are all result - oriented and proven professionals carrying in their bags of possessions immaculate expertise and authoritative specialization in individual arenas.

SANMACS thus have pioneered a creditably proud journey in shaping thousands of students who have joined the corporates and industries of India as well as abroad perennially.

Established in 1994 by Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal at Karol Bagh, New Delhi, solely for training MCA entrance aspirants, our foundation has now expanded multifariously to train students for different entrances and examinations not just in India but also abroad and has been consistently pursuing excellence, delivering exceptional results year after year.

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SANMACS Philosophy

SANMACS - the admixture of two words SAN and MACS with allegorically symbolic meaning to syncretize a Synergical Syndrome. SAN - borrowed from the word SANCTUM - meaning a sacred place - an inviolable refuge or shelter, and MACS - borrowed from the words - MACULA - meaning Sun Spot. Both conjoined makes SANMACS - thereby referring to a sacredly dependable place with rays of SUN - coming like the light of knowledge to dispel the area of darkness of ignorance from student's minds.

We have emblemized  as a badge or a monogram of our institute like a printed symbol. It refers to 'I' as an individual - a nucleus phenomenon - who is Absolute - Supreme - like the Lord Brahma - in this Universe. This 'I' refers to every student - who has to arouse his inner 'eye' - the macro and micro vision in this highly competitive world. After all, it is this intrinsic vision, the slight and light of intellect that is of paramount significance today and eternally for always.

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Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal

Entrepreneur and Academician

“There is never a good reason to give up on what you dream of!

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Meet Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal,
our founder director

With over 30 years of teaching expertise and a Ph.D. in Software Reliability from the University of Delhi, his influential leadership has not only guided MCA aspirants to success but has also established our institute as a trailblazer in the Software/IT industries, setting a standard for excellence across borders. Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal's academic and professional acumen backed by varied qualifications in Maths, Operations Research, Computers and Psychology expended our organisation in different verticals providing world class services to students for different competitions and examinations globally. Dr. Aggarwal’s commitment to excellence and innovation creates a transformative academic journey, seamlessly integrating top-tier achievement with practical insights. Join us under his seasoned guidance and unfold your  success story with a leader dedicated to shaping futures.

What SANMACS belives in

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Focus on Growth

We encourage every student to embrace challenges as opportunities for personal and collective advancement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

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Move Fast

We believe in swift adaptation to learning challenges, fostering an environment that encourages continuous growth and innovation in education.

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Be open

We believe in open-mindedness, encouraging diverse perspectives, and creating an inclusive space where ideas flourish and knowledge blossoms.

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Thrive for results

We encourage a relentless pursuit of excellence, where every effort contributes to tangible outcomes, fostering a culture of achievement and success in learning.

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Be collaborative

We encourage teamwork, fostering an inclusive environment where collective efforts amplify learning experiences, creating a collaborative culture that nurtures success for all.

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Faith in Yourself

We believe in nurturing self-confidence, empowering individuals to trust their abilities, fostering a positive learning environment where every student can thrive with belief in their own potential.

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